Crucial Memory, DDR2 Roundup, New ATI Catalyst 4.7s

Good morning gang.  Time for a little bit of computer hardware news and reviews to wake up with.  We're all cranking away on some sweet new hardware and the reviews should keep rolling out at a steady pace.  This should be one heck of a summer, so stay tuned.  For now, grab some java and enjoy the news we have on tap right now! 

Chenming 602 ATX Case Review @

"Chenming has been very popular with modders and among those who are looking for a simple, pre-modded case with a side panel. The company's Dragon line is a success in itself and it was not a surprise when Chenming announced their 602 model, which is a step above the Dragon series. The 602 Chenming case is an entry-level ATX server case with more than enough space for components, few wires, and good cooling. What do we think about this newly released case from Chenming? Read on and find out... "

Crucial PC2-4300 (DDR2-533) Memory @ Bytesector:

"Bytesector is proud to publish one of the first DDR2 memory review available on the internet. Crucial has been an active participant in the memory market for many years and their early release of DDR2 memory further enforced their presence. They released their DDR2 memory at the beginning of April which was well in advance of the release of motherboards that would end up supporting DDR2 DIMM's. Today I will take a look at Crucial's fastest DIMMs yet; clocking in at a whopping 533MHz,..."

ATI Catalyst 4.7 Performance Analysis @

"ATI has just released their latest set of new monthly Catalyst drivers for their range of Radeon graphics cards. The latest version is Catalyst 4.7 and promises some performance increases along with a range of bug fixes. We have compared the performance of the new drivers on a Radeon X800 XT PE for your viewing pleasure."

DDR2 Roundup: Reaching for 667 and Beyond @

"Each time we had approached the launch date for Intel's new 925X/915 chipsets, we ran into delays. The rumors seemed to be consistent that there were still issues with DDR2 memory for the new platform, and almost everyone with whom we talked had described the difficulties with getting the new DDR2 memory working as it should."

That's all for now.  We should be back a little later with some more treats!