Crossfire Coming to Notebooks?

Just when people were getting excited about SLI coming to notebooks, ATI has given mobile users yet another reason to smile. The Inquirer reports that notebook ODM Clevo is working on a Crossfire-enabled notebook to compliment their SLI-enabled notebooks. Regardless of whether you favor ATI or NVIDIA, one thing is absolutely certain. The desktop replacement notebook is on the verge of becoming just that. When the only deciding factor between choosing a LAN system is size and not performance, the choice of a mobile system becomes painfully simple.

A VERY famous notebook Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Clevo works on Crossfire system for notebooks. The same company is making SLI MXM based system. Most of you know Clevo as a manufacturer of most Alienware, Voodoo PC and similar super high end notebooks. So the company has been working on putting two ATI cards together for more than a few months now.