Credit Card Thieves Donating To Charities?

If somebody stole your credit card information and intends to use it online, it’s not all bad news.  You could end up with a very small tax-deduction, or at least that’s what Symantec is claiming.

The latest trend for people who steal credit card information (carders) is that they test the stolen information by making small donations.  Whether or not this will save them a few years when they get sentenced is unknown, but it does seem that they may have found a way around all those algorithms that determine what is and isn’t a “normal purchase” for a cardholder.  After all, not many people donate to charity on the same frequency they shop for clothes, food, gas, and so on.
“Carders attempting to verify that a stolen credit card is legitimate and active have begun donating money to charity. By attempting to pay small amounts of money to various charities, including well known charities such as the Red Cross, carders can determine if a stolen credit card is valid depending on the success or failure of the transaction.”