Creative X-FI and NF4 Compatibility Issue, Seasonic S12-600W PSU

Yeah folks, it's late, but the news keeps on rolling! I'm sure many of you are wanting to get your hands on ATI's new Radeon X1800XT, so I've been looking around the net a bit... nothing. A few sites list them, but the adventure stops with the "out of stock" label. In other news, X-Bit labs has been known for their CPU comparison articles, and today they've added their "Contemporary CPUs and New Games: No Way to Delusions!" article to their arsenal. This is a great read for you CPU shoppers who aren't sure if AMD or Intel has the best gaming processors. Enjoy the news, goodnight all!

Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT with Silent-Pipe II @ HardwareZoom

"Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT, now with Silent-Pipe II technology, is a fanless solution for the enthusiastic gamers who want performance without noise. Unlike the traditional heatpipe cooling solution, Silent-Pipe II has a front-flow thermal module to create a natural system convection. Therefore a well-ventilated casing is necessary for the hot air to be removed by the PSU and CPU fans."

Creative X-Fi and NF4 Compatibility Issue @ PC Perspective

"PC Perspective just got an official response from Creative on the recent incompatibility issue between their new X-Fi sound cards and the nForce4 chipsets. It looks like only the two lower priced models (XtremeMusic and Platinum) are affected and the issue can be resolved with either a motherboard BIOS update or a replacement EEPROM from Creative."

Seasonic S12-600W PSU @ Viperlair

"While the appearance of the Seasonic S12-600 isn't going to win it any awards, its features and performance certainly will. 80% efficiency is not a common thing from the majority of PSU's in the market place today, and neither is a 600w power rating."