Corsair XMS Pro Series PC3500LL 2GB TwinX DDR RAM

Corsair is known for making industry leading memory modules of all kinds.  They routinely break ground with market driving products that set them at the top of their industry.  The team at Pimprig has a review their XMS Pro Series PC3500LL 2GB TwinX DDR RAM which brings high performance and overclocking potential to the forefront.  Looking for a last minute holiday treat for that geek in the family?  Well, a great set of RAM wouldn't hurt.  Check out the full write-up here.

"Yep, it's time once more to skip a few meals, bite the bullet, and upgrade to 2GB of RAM. However, many people are firm believers in low latency RAM and that isn't something you find in 2GB RAM kits. That is, until now."
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