Corsair Voyager, Mac Mini Editorial and More

Good morning everyone, welcome back.  With some fairly warm (for winter) weather hitting the northern portion of the HH Labs, my hopes of breaking out the Mountain Bike early this year are looking better everyday.  However, until the frost gets out of the ground, I think I will hold off from bouncing around the trails too much.  The ground is hard enough without it being frozen ;)

Here is your AM shot of juice.  Get at it...

 Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 @ Viper Lair

"We were very pleased with the Flash Voyager's speed and more importantly, the durabilty. It survived a free fall onto tiles, a swim in a sink, and a full laundry cycle without missing a beat. The 10 year warranty is great, but unless you stick this into your Thanksgiving turkey and cook it, I doubt you'll ever need to give Corsair's support a call."

 Editorial: The Mac Mini: A Step Towards the Appliance PC Future @ Designtechnica

"While there are a number of trade offs that Apple made for the Mini that I don't think were necessary, the product is actually closer to what I think the consumer market is actually looking for in a desktop offering. No, Steve Jobs didn't just arrive at my house with explosives, or worse, attorneys. I just think it is time I acknowledged that there are a couple things I really wish the other vendors would learn from what Apple has done."

 BFG Tech GeForce 6600 GT Review @ Beyond3D

"Like the standard board design, this overclocked version is equipped with four 32MB Samsung 2.0ns GDDR3 chips; with a maximum rating of 500MHz, they are genuinely overclocked to be running at 525MHz unlike the reference card; it too is using 2.0ns chips but clocked down to 450MHz."

 Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS nForce4 Ultra Motherboard @ Bjorn3D

"If the buzz and excitement over the new nForce4 boards coming out is any indication of how successful NVIDIA's new chipset will be, then we just might have another nForce2 on our hands. If you wanted the best in Athlon XP performance and overclocking, you looked towards NVIDIA and one of its partner's nForce2 solutions. It's a safe bet that NVIDIA and its partners hope the same happens with the Athlon 64 and its nForce4. No doubt, many enthusiasts are pumped up about SLI, but there's a lot more than SLI to be excited about, including NVIDIA Firewall and RAID." - Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra GT

"After spending some time with Gigabyte's 3D Cooler Ultra GT, it's hard (name aside perhaps) to fault it. The manual is good, the bundle contains everything you need, installation is easy with all of the retaining clips easily labelled, and most of all its performance under high load is most impressive. Add to that the nifty looks and addition of an LED, and you have a real winner on your hands."

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