Corsair TWINX1024-4300C3 Review & a DDR2 Round-Up

Hello and welcome to the evening portion of our news program ;) I just finished stuffing myself with everything the freezer had to offer. Oh, how I wish typing would reduce more calories. Alright, I need to get case modding, so without further ado, here's your headlines...


"In it, PCSTATS is testing out two brand new 512MB sticks of Corsair Twin2X1024-4300C3 DDR2 memory. Corsair is consistently a market leader in the memory field, and they were among the first to announce performance grade DDR-2 RAM for enthusiasts. Talk about being on the ball."

DDR2 Roundup posts @

"DDR2 is going to take over and has the ability to scale frequencies to outrageously high levels. Right off the bat, DDR2's first announced frequency runs at 266MHz, which translates to PC2-4200. You'd have to buy overclocked memory in order for RAM to run at 266MHz. Next stop, companies found DDR2 to be capable of running PC2-5400 speeds without a problem."