Corsair Pro Series, ASUS DVD Burner, Albatron K8K800 Pro II and More

Good morning friends, how is everyone doing?  Things around the Canadian portion of the HH labs have been fairly mundane so far today.  Between applying a few Ghost Images and taking a few pictures for a review, I think the coffee machine has been doing the brunt of the work ;)  Nonetheless, let's take a step out of the HH world and see what else is happening around the net....

Corsair TwinX1024-3200XL Pro Series Memory @ ExtremeMHz

"The XL series is a major step in the right direction in order to achieve a higher level of performance from DDR memory.  The lower latencies do really play a major role in overall system performance, and they show in our test results.  Don't be fooled by the fact that they are PC3200 modules.  They perform just as well, and in most cases, better than most higher rated memory modules on the market and should be considered by those looking to achieve a higher level of performance."

ASUS DRW-0804P DVD Burner @ Viper Lair

"Performance is where ASUS has put a lot of effort into the drive, and it shows up in the results. The ASUS drive took the lead in most categories, from CD reading to DVD writing. In the CD arena it is moderately faster than most of the other drives with its biggest improvement being in the CD Writing and ReWriting performance."

Albatron K8X800 Pro II review @ OCModShop

"The advanced chipset features sub menu has a good amount of RAM, AGP, and PCI settings that will assist in overclocking ventures. I set all of the RAM settings to the fastest to get the best performance. The frequency/voltage control sub menu is where you will do your overclocking. The CPU ratio only goes up to 10 because the BIOS revision I am running is a little old and at the time the 3200+ was the fastest CPU available. The FSB also goes high enough for you to overclock as much as should be possible. "

SavRow Razor 1.7 Laptop review @

"SavRow's Razor 1.7 does a damn fine job of eliminating long-held belief that a laptop cannot be both thin-and light and a desktop-replacement at the same time. Copious amounts of power and a sub-2.5kg travel weight make it an attractive prospect for a wide range of buyers. £1469 is a lot of money - SavRow's Razor 1.7 is a fine way to spend it."

Corsair TWINX1024-4400 and Kingston HyperX PC4300 Dual Channel Kits @ Bjorn3D

"As PC performance enthusiasts hit new overclocking heights, enthusiast memory companies, like Corsair and Kingston, respond by releasing even faster memory to feed the hunger of the hardcore overclockers. For quite some time, DDR550 or PC4400 was the fastest RAM available. Faster RAM is available now but only from a couple companies. Very few motherboards can handle these extreme overclocks though, so as everything gets faster, the selection of usable components gets smaller."

Edifier S5.1 Speaker Review @ The Tech Zone

"The Edifier Group comes at us with their top of the line system, the s5.1's! With sleek real wood enclosures, remote controlled, multi-setting display on the subwoofer, and extendable 6.1 channels, this is one house rockin' system at 240 Watts. Not only are they meant for computer use, you can also hook them up to your DVD Player or Stereo System for true surround sound!"

Time for me to get some work done, I will catch you all later :) - Cheers