Corsair Launches Stylish Dual Chamber Cases Designed For Easy Building And Cooling

hero corsair 6500 2500 series
Corsair announced two dual chamber PC cases with compatibility for newfangled reverse connector motherboards. The 6500 and 2500 series build on the direct airflow and performance of the 680X and 280X cases.

The gaming company remarked that its 6500D and 2500D Airflow cases are designed for optimal cooling performance, while featuring a fully mesh front, side, roof, and bottom panels that meet the airflow needs of high-end components. If the PC builder prefers flair over airflow, Corsair is also offering the 6500X and 2500X, which offer a clearer view of the goods inside the PC with two “crystal-clear” tempered glass panels.

corsair 6500D Airflow

All the new 6500 and 2500 series cases will be compatible with the new reverse connector motherboards, such as the ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero. Reverse connector motherboards allow for connections to be discreetly tucked away behind the motherboard tray, providing a cleaner aesthetic to the overall build. Corsair adds that when coupled with its Corsair iCue Link ecosystem, it “dramatically simplifies the building process and enables cable-free view within the main chamber of the case."

In terms of being cool, the 6500 and 2500 series dual-chamber layout separates the cooling and cable management zones to allow for more direct airflow for thermally demanding components, such as a GeForce RTX 4080 Super. The 6500D and 2500D Airflow allow for four radiators to be mounted inside, while the 6500X and 2500X can fit three radiators to help ensure cooling.

corsair 6500 interior

Other features of the 6500 and 2500 series include Corsair’s one-twist Quikturn fan screws, tool-free removable front panels, fabric pull tabs, and flexible doubleshot grommets. The PC cases can be customized further through alternative wooden and aluminum panels, vertical GPU mounts, and more.

Pricing for the new 6500 and 2500 series are:
  • Corsair 6500D Airflow and 6500X are available in both black and white: $199.99
  • Corsair 6500X in both black and white: $199.99
  • Corsair 2500D Airflow in both black and white: $159.99
  • Corsair 2500X in both black and white: $159.99