Corsair's K70 Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard Flaunts Hot Swappable Key Switches

Corsair K70 Pro Mini wireless keyboard
Not all mechanical keyboards and key switches are created equal, and if you don't know your type, you might have a tough time deciding what to buy. Do you prefer a smooth and quiet keystroke, or one that drops like a hammer and resonates an audible "click" that gets everyone's attention? Choose the right keyboard and you won't have to be married to your selection.

That's part of the idea behind Corsair's newly announced K70 Pro Mini, a wireless mechanical keyboard with hot swappable key switches (like Logitech's Pro X). You do actually have to make a selection out of the gate. Corsair offers two options: Cherry MX Red (smooth/linear and relatively quiet) and Cherry MX Speed (also smooth and relatively silent, but with a shorter actuation point for faster action).

I'm personally a fan of loud and obnoxious Cherry MX Blue key switches and wish Corsair would have offered those as an initial option. That said, the use of hot swappable key switches means you can change them out on a whim for something else, "or even mix and match for different keys." It's usually a cheaper proposition than buying a whole new keyboard, if and when you decide to change things up.

Corsair's also touting "wear and shine resistant PBT double-shot keycaps" paired with an aluminum frame, RGB lighting, and an accent bar that can also be swapped out for further customization (you'll have to buy additional colors separately, of course).

The K70 Pro Mini trades a dedicated number pad for a compact footprint. It's wireless via an included dongle or through Bluetooth, and can also be plugged in with a USB cord for a "lightning-fast 8,000Hz hyper-polling" rate.

Other features include per-key RGB backlighting with up to 20 layers of onboard lighting effects, custom macro support, a braided USB-C cable, and battery life that's good for up to 32 hours of use with RGB lighting turned on or 200 hours with it turned off.

Corsair's K70 Pro Mini wireless keyboard is available now for $179.99.