Corsair Interview

The crew from Tweak3D sat down with Corsair's John Beekley recently and conducted an interview regarding everything from USB flash drives to high-speed DDR2 RAM. There's some good info in the interview in you want insight into the inner-workings at Corsair.

"OK, first the good news... density of flash drives will definitely increase. And this includes the Flash Voyager. Now, as far as speed is concerned, the news is not so sweet. Component manufacturers are increasingly switching from SLC (single layer cell) to MLC (multi-layer cell) technology. MLC has the advantage that it is more dense, and thus cheaper to manufacture. SLC is faster though, in fact several times faster on writes in particular. So, as MLC takes over the mainstream, the fast SLC will become harder to get and more expensive. So you may see drives, in general, get slower rather than faster. Rest assured that we will be producing the fastest drives possible, as long as they are cost effective."


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