Corsair and Philips Hue Join Forces To Illuminate Your Setup With Synchronized Lighting

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Let’s be real for a moment. The most satisfying part of PC building is often seeing it all come together with a cohesive look. Yes, screaming fast components are important, but there’s a reason folks will spend tons of extra money on RGB lighting and other aesthetic touches that do not, in fact, help their FPS at all. We have even seen the RGB craze spill over to room lighting where Philips Hue arguably leads the charge. Now, Philips Hue has partnered with Corsair to integrate its smart lighting controls into iCUE.

Controlling room lights from a PC is nothing new but has generally been a more-or-less DIY affair to make it sync with the system's lighting. The Corsair iCUE integration promises to make this process quick and easy. iCUE is able to recognize Philips Hue Bridge automatically once its integration is turned on in settings.

corsair icue philips hue integration screenshot
Corsair says a toggle is all you need to integrate with Philips Hue

Philips Hue lights can be programmed just like any other RGB light controlled by iCUE. Users can incorporate the lights into patterns such as Rainbow Wave or Color Pulse just as easily as they can be set to dynamically respond to system inputs like CPU temperature. Of course, iCUE can simply be used to dial in a complementary color palette all the same.

“Philips Hue is an innovative industry leader in creating whole room smart lighting experiences and we’re delighted to bring the CORSAIR iCUE and Philips Hue together” said Kevin Wasielewski, Senior Director of Alliance Partnership at CORSAIR. “Thanks to the simplicity and ease of iCUE, changing your entire PC room’s lighting has never been easier.”

Right now, support is only available for Philips Hue light bulbs and lightstrips. The companies are working to add support for Philips Hue Play gradient light tubs and Philips Hue gradient Signe lights in the near future. Users will need to have the latest version of Corsair iCue installed.