Philips Hue Sensor Says When You Walk In You Light Up The Room

Some people have the ability to light up a room just by their very presence. So can you, says Philips, when you use its Hue gen 2 app for iOS and Android. The new generation app for the company's smart lighting system gives you better control over your home illumination along with some intuitive ways of brightening up a room.

One of the new features is called Rooms. Using the Rooms feature, you can group all of the lights in one room together to control them all at the same time. This can be handy for rooms like kitchens and the basement where you might have lights installed in different locations, each of which is controlled with a different switch.

Philip Hue

The second generation Hues app also supports light schedules known as Routines. For example, you can configure a Wake Up routine that prompts Hue to gradually turn up the luminosity of lights in the morning, giving your eyes time to adjust. That's a pretty neat feature, especially if you're not the type that thrives in the wee hours of the morning. Now if only it could fetch a cup of coffee!

Unfortunately the Hue app can't grab a cup of Joe, but it does have a featured called Scenes that lets you create personalized lighting by extracting the color palette from any picture you choose. Hues then selects the five best colors to create a vibrant mood.

"Adding to this, you can also create your own unique scenes by selecting a light and choosing from more than 16 million colors and every shade of white light, the possibilities are limitless. To get you inspired, there are a number of new preset scenes in the app such as spring blossom, savanna sunset, artic aurora and tropical twilight," Philips says.

You'll find new widgets in the updated app as well, along with a Home & Away feature that lets you turn your lights on and off when you're away from home, the idea to being to thwart off would-be burglars scoping out your neighborhood.

The Hue gen 2 app is available now in Google Play and iTunes.