Core i7-12800H Pulverizes Core i7-11800H And AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX In Benchmark Leak

Gigabyte Aorus Laptop With 12th Gen Intel Core CPU
If you thought the launch of Alder Lake on the desktop would mark the end of the 12th Gen Core benchmark leaks, think again. Not only are there more desktop chips undoubtedly coming, but there will be a mobile launch at some point too. Regarding the latter, an unannounced Core i7-12800H has jumped into the leaked benchmark ring and put its eventual predecessors in a headlock.

This was a tag team bout with its partner being a Gigabyte Aorus 15 YE4 gaming laptop that will evidently employ the future chip. The two unreleased parts landed at Geekbench. According to the benchmark listing, the Core i7-12800H is a 14-core/20-thread processor with a 2.8GHz base frequency and 24MB of L3 cache.

Here's a look...

Geekbench Core i7-12800H
Click to Enlarge (Source: Geekbench)

While the core arrangement is not broken down in the listing, we can assume it features six performance cores (Golden Cove) and eight efficiency cores (Gracemont). Intel's performance cores in Alder Lake support Hyper Threading, hence why there are 20 threads total (6 P-cores + 6 threads + 8 E-cores = 20 threads total).

One thing you can pay zero attention to is the 28.3GHz turbo frequency. Yeah, we're not quite there yet and that is obviously a mis-reading on the part of Geekbench. More interesting, however, are the 1,654 single-core and 9,618 multi-core scores.

Let's start with the single-core score. Geekbench maintains average scores for other CPUs, which show Intel's Core i7-11800H scoring 1,474 and the AMD's Ryzen 9 5900HX hitting 1,417. So going by those results, the Core i7-12700K as shown here scored 12.2 percent higher than the Tiger Lake-H processor it will eventually replace and 16.7 percent higher than one of AMD's best mobile chips. It's also nearly 25 percent higher than AMD's Ryzen 7 5800H (1,654).

Multi-core performance is looking good too. Here's a rundown...
  • Leaked Core i7-12800H: 9.618
  • Core i7-11800H: 7,959
  • Ryzen 9 5900HX: 7,641
  • Ryzen 9 5800H: 7,040
Looking at the multi-threaded performance, the Core i7-12800H scored around 21 percent higher than the Core i7-11800H, 26 percent higher than the Ryzen 9 5900HX, and 36.6 percent higher than the Ryzen 9 5800H.

These are chips that are commonly found in high-end gaming laptops, so this kind of performance jump is impressive. Of course, it's just a single benchmark application (Geekbench). It's also worth reminding that AMD is readying a Rembrandt-H lineup (Zen 3+) that will bring some additional performance. To that end, it's rumored an upcoming ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 laptop will pair up to a Ryzen 9 6900HX with up to a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti.

So yeah, gamers who plan to buy a new laptop in 2022 are in good shape.