Cooler Master Goes Fishing For Innovation And Pulls Up A Wild Shark-Themed PC

cooler master shark x case hero
Cooler Master has showcased some cool products for PC enthusiasts at CES 2023 in Las Vegas this year. However, its wild shark-themed PC might be its most impressive show-stopper - eclipsing even the Sneaker X case, which we reported upon on almost a year ago.

1 cooler master shark x case

Both the Cooler Master Shark X and Sneaker X are part of Cooler Master's quirky Be Different line, and are based upon designs from the firm's previous Case Mod World Series competitions. The Sneaker X is derived from a 2020 entry, and the Shark X from a 2019 case mod called 'Leviathan' from Inony. Yes, it takes years to commercialize these kinds of products.

cooler master sneaker x ces 2023

The stunning Be Different range of PCs support only Mini-ITX motherboards and SFF PSUs, due to shape / size constrictions. However, this sharky 25-inch tall construction has room for an AiO cooler (just a 120mm radiator, compared to the 360mm radiator in the Sneaker X). Also, Cooler Master says there is room in the Shark X for a graphics card up to 330mm in length.

Cooler Master Shark X Case Specs Summary:

cooler master shark x ces 2023
  • Motherboard: Mini-ITX form factorPower: SFF PSU
  • Active cooling: 120mm AiO cooler
  • GPU max compatibility: room for a 335mm long graphics card
  • Storage: On-motherboard M.2 slots plus 2x 2.5-inch drive bays
  • Wi-Fi: Top fin based antenna
  • Size: 25-inches tall
In the images and promotional materials, it isn't made clear what the performance components are in the pre-built Shark X exhibition models. However, we have had confirmation that Cooler Master is going to be selling these designs as pre-built machines, fully configured for its customers. It is perhaps simply too early for Cooler Master to divulge tech specs, with a product release still several months away.

2 cooler master shark x case

If you want to digest more Shark X imagery, Cooler Master has shared an extensive all-angles gallery of its cartilaginous fish-inspired case.

Expect to see the Cooler Master Shark X and Sneaker X released in Q3 this year. With the release so far down the road, you won't be surprised that we don't have any indication of pricing currently.