Corsair Launches Custom Hardline Liquid Cooling Kits So Your PC Can Chill Out In Style

Corsair hardline cooling (angled)
Piecing together a custom liquid cooling setup can be intimidating. Throw hardline tubing into the mix and it can be downright scary for first-time builders. While it's not going to become mainstream any time soon, Corsair is attempting to make the process easier for new and experienced users alike with a couple of hardline cooling kits: Corsair iCue H303i RGB Pro and XH305i RGB Pro.

These are custom cooling loop kits, not all-in-one (AIO) solutions that come preassembled and ready to screw into your PC. However, they are complete kits with every necessary part to rig up a loop, including a pump/reservoir, radiator, fans, hardline tubing, fittings, coolant, and even a cutting/bending kit to mold the setup to your particular PC.

Corsair hardline cooling CPU block
Careful planning and elbow grease are still required, but Corsair essentially takes the guesswork out of selecting the parts that go together. Both kits come with an XC7 RGB Pro CPU water block that is compatible with Intel's LGA 1700 (Alder Lake) and 1200 sockets, and AMD's AM4 socket. If you were to dissect the water block, you'd find 110 micro-cooling fins under a nickel-plated copper cold plate.

The primary difference between the two kits is size. Corsair's XH303i RGB Pro packs a compact XD3 RGB pump/reservoir combo for tighter confines, a high performance DDC PWM pump, and three SP120 RGB elite fans. Meanwhile, the XH305i RGB Pro kicks things up a notch with a bigger XD5 RGB pump/reservoir and three QL120 RGB fans, each with 34 RGB LEDs.

Corsair hardline cooling in a PC
Everything else is the same between the two—they both pump liquid to and from an XR5 radiator measuring 360mm x 30mm, they each come with a 1-liter bottle of XL8 Performance coolant (clear), and they both sport an iCue controller.

These are available now from Corsair, priced at $499.99 for the XH303i RGB Pro and $599.99 for the XH305i RGB Pro. Buyers can choose white or black trim on both kits.