Confident Motorola Rolls Out ‘Try Then Buy’ Program For Moto X

Apparently Motorola isn’t selling enough Moto X handsets, because the company is pulling out the stops to persuade you to try it--just try it, you’ll like it, is the overture. You can grab yourself a Moto X to take home for two weeks for just a penny. If you like it enough to keep it, Motorola will just charge your credit card for the retail price, which starts at $349.99 with no contract.

“We’re betting you’ll fall in love with Moto X—how it looks, feels, and works for you. For a limited time, we’ll let you customize your own no-contract phone, then try it at home for two weeks—all for $.01 to start,” says the website.

Moto X

It’s actually a pretty sweet deal if you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to buy a Moto X. You never really know if you’ll love a phone until you spend a lot of time with it, and this deal allows you to do just that with no risk.

Even better, you won’t get stuck with some boring tester phone--you can actually trick out your own handset on MotoMaker, choosing the front, back, and button colors and design. You can read our thoughts on the Moto X here.