VUDU leads the pack in VOD HD Titles

Vudu, a Video On Demand (VOD) service with a claimed over 1,100 HD titles available, supposedly leads Apple TV, Netflix, and Xbox Live for the broadest selection of HD movie content.  We just like the looks of their player on its own but there's more to like here.

As a Vudu user you have the option of viewing your selections streamed to their Vudu Box ($299.00) available for purchase online and at Best Buy, or the high end Vudu XL ($999.00), available through authorized installers. A stream to computer option is not available.

Movie rentals cost from $0.99 to to $3.99, and select movies may be purchased from $4.99 to $19.99

"Indeed, a quick examination of competing services seems to bear out Vudu's claim. We counted more than 1,100 HD movies available through Vudu's box (including about 200 that are also offered in Vudu's Blu-rayesque HDX format), compared to 391 on Xbox Live Marketplace, and something south of 700 on Apple iTunes. (Netflix will be kicking off its own HD streaming service later this month with a mere 300 titles.) By comparison, Amazon's Blu-ray inventory--i.e. the total number of Blu-rays available--shows a total of close to 2,000 titles, though that includes TV shows and pre-release discs.

The Vudu BX100 retails for $300, but a limited-time promotion includes a $200 movie credit for those who purchase the unit at Best Buy, lowering the effective cost to just $100."

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