Can Someone Digitize My Molly Hatchet 8 Track Please?

Ford's getting its brains beat in by foreign manufacturers. They forgot to keep up with the times. Well, the times are telling them that the CD is becoming as obsolete as cassettes for audio entertainment while you're driving. Ford and Microsoft figure you'd bring your own music to your rolling party, if they just let you plug it in:

The "Sync" system being unveiled today at the North American International Auto Show connects popular iPods and all other digital music players - including Microsoft's nascent Zune - to in-dash software through a USB port. Drivers will be able to pick songs, artists or genres using voice activation or controls on the steering wheel. The system also links Bluetooth-capable smart phones and personal digital assistants to the car's electronics, allowing the car system to pick up Internet broadcasts. An electronic voice even will read inbound text messages through the sound system, complete with a vocabulary of slang abbreviations such as "LOL" for "laughing for loud."

Now I'll be able to listen to my OK Go songs and Les Nessman Farm Report podcasts while I drive.

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