Bungie Invites Guardians To Become An Iron Lord With New Destiny 'Rise of Iron' Expansion

Following months of intense anticipation, Destiny players can finally geek it up with the game's newest expansion: Rise of Iron. While it's been said that RoI is not quite as large as The Taken King was, players shouldn't be at a loss of things to do for quite a while.

If you pushed hard to hit a Light Level of 335 prior to the launch of Rise of Iron, prepare to weep as it's now unimpressive. As of today, the maximum Light Level becomes 385, and as soon as Bungie decides to release the Heroic version of the new raid, it'll jump to 400.

Destiny Rise of Iron Raid

Speaking of raid, because no one is going to be an appropriate Light Level for the new raid right now, Bungie is holding off on releasing it for a couple of days. It's currently expected that it will launch on the 23rd. The raid is called "Wrath of the Machine" and revolves around the Fallen race.

The raid and other Rise of Iron content will also revolve around a plague called SIVA which has infected the Fallen race to create "Splicer" enemies - which, given their enhanced abilities, could become the most challenging, and perhaps most frustrating, enemies to date.

Destiny Rise of Iron Servitor Enemy

The most major addition in Rise of Iron is the Plaguelands zone, one that's connected at the hip to the Cosmodrome, based on Earth. The last remaining "safe city" has had its protective wall toppled down, letting players access the new zone and social space. Accessing the Plaguelands will be simple: complete the story missions and gain access to its Patrol. RoI marks the first time a planet will have two different Patrol zones.

As mentioned, the game also has brand-new story line, which should help players get a quick boost to their Light Level. As you'd expect, there's also a ton of new equipment to seek out, a new Strike, a new Crucible PvP maps, and even a new Crucible mode, called Supremacy (like 'Kill Confirmed' in other games).

Destiny Rise of Iron Enemy

One last feature that RoI includes isn't a great one: a deprecation of support for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. RoI is exclusive to the Xbox One and PS4; onward and upward, as they say.

So, what are you waiting for, Guardian? Go on and make Lord Saladin proud by becoming an Iron Lord!