Bungie Has Disabled These Overpowered Destiny 2 Season 15 Exotics Following Community Outcry

destiny 2 hunter radiant dance machine boots

If it is broken, the Destiny 2 community will find it and likely exploit it. This is especially true at the beginning of a new season when there are new weapons and armor along with buffs and nerfs to existing gear. Two Destiny 2 Exotic armor pieces have recently been disabled in some game activities.

The first exotic are the Hunter Radiant Dance Machines boots. This exotic is new to Season 15 and is one that can be obtained as a random drop by completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors. The perk on these boots is as follows: “Dodging near enemies allows you to dodge additional times for a brief period.”

Hunter Radiant Dance Machines boots allowed Guardians to dodge an obnoxious number of times. This was especially irritating in Crucible and Gambit. However, these boots became a real threat when combined with certain mods. “Dynamo” is a Void Helmet Armor mod that “reduces Super cooldown when using your class ability near targets,” while “Distribution” is a Leg Armor mod that “reduces all ability cooldowns when using your class ability near targets.” Mods like Distribution can be stacked. This meant that not only were Hunters annoyingly difficult to kill, but that they were able to generate their Supers far too quickly. These boots have therefore been disabled in all Gambit and PVP activities. They can nevertheless still be used and abused in PVE activities.

destiny 2 season lost 1

The second exotic is the Titan Wormgod Caress gauntlets. This exotic is by no means a new one. It can be obtained through random loot drops from both PVP and PVE activities, Nightfall Powerful Gear Rewards, and Exotic Engrams. Its exotic perk is “Melee kills increase melee damage for a period of time. Additional kills extend duration and increase effects.”

This exotic seems to have caused a bit of a ruckus this past week. Bungie recently buffed the Titan “middle-tree Sunbreaker.” The amount of time before the hammer explodes after hitting the ground increased from 6.5 to 10 seconds, while damage against powerful PVE bosses increased by roughly 50%. Additionally, Guardians are now able to separate keybinds for their melee charged ability from their base melee attack. This means that they can stand close to, and even inside of, a target and still activate ranged melee attacks.  In the case of the hammer throw, when thrown at a close distance it bounces between the target and the player. This rapidly deals damage each time. The combination of the buffs, the Wormgod Caress gauntlets, and various weapon decisions were melting bosses. According to Bungie, an issue has caused this exotic to “unintentionally do large amounts of damage with their throwing hammers.” It has been entirely disabled in all activities. 

It is believed that several other exotics will likely be nerfed soon too. The Hunter Lucky Pants leg exotic received a buff. This buff allows the following: “When you ready a fully-loaded Hand Cannon that deals Kinetic damage or damage matching your subclass energy type, for a short time each hit against a combatant from that Hand Cannon increases the damage of the next shot.” The Lucky Pants paired with weapons like the the Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon permits hunters to do a strikingly large amount of damage, especially against bosses. The Titan Synthoceps exotic Gauntlets permit “increased melee lunge range. Improved melee damage when surrounded.” These have also been doing insane damage through the same process as Wormgod Caress. Neither of these have yet been nerfed nor disabled, but keep a sharp eye out.

Images courtesy of Bungie