Borderlands 3 Release Date May Have Just Been Leaked By Gearbox

Borderlands fans were excited when the latest game in the franchise, Borderlands 3, was announced just a few days ago. What some fans aren't so excited about is that the game is rumored to be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Several high profile game publishers are trying to escape the Steam tax that Valve imposes and Fortnite was the first major game to skip the Steam store in favor of the Epic Games Store.


Yesterday the Borderlands official Twitter account reportedly posted that said "Mayhem is coming September 13" and later deleted the tweet. Considering yesterday was April Fool's we should all have the salt handy. Other reports claim that a 6-second Borderlands 3 Twiter video ad was floating around at the same time that had a logo for the Epic Games Store, rather than Steam, hinting that Borderlands 3 might be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Epic Games is spending significantly to land exclusives and to prevent some games from being offered on Steam. A lot of gamers don't like this as having all of your PC games in one place, as Steam offered for so long, was very much appreciated. In what seems to be a response to the backlash from fans about Borderlands 3 potentially being an Epic Games Store exclusive, Gearbox head Randy Pitchford has stated on Twitter that Gearbox has no control over where 2K Games publishes Borderlands 3. Pitchford stated, "We are just the talent."

Epic has stated in the past that it doesn't consort with the developers under publishing deals on such matters. Pitchford did imply that the Epic Games Store exclusive window will only last six months. That will be a long six months for gamers who refuse to buy games outside of Steam.