Borderlands 3 Is Free In Epic's Mega Games Sale With Sweet Deals Up To 90 Percent Off

Borderlands 3
Now's your chance to get a $60 game for free on PC. Again—just a few weeks ago, the Epic Games Store served up Total War: Warhammer for no cost. Now it's Borderlands 3 that is up for grabs, to kick off the Epic Mega Sale for May, with discounts of up to 90 percent off and a chunky coupon that replenishes each time you use it. More on that in a moment.

First things first, though. If you're interested, go grab Borderlands 3 for free and add it to your catalog. You have until 11:00am on May 26, 2022 to claim the title, after which another mystery game will unlock. Then check back every Thursday, because Epic is promising to give away "blockbuster" games each week during the Mega Sale event.

Borderlands 3 is the first of those, and while a few years old now, it's still a popular title. Developer Gearbox Software has also released some DLC packs to keep the game fresh, which you can optionally purchase separate. The base game, however, is free.

Epic Mega Sale Brings Big Discounts A Free Blockbuster Game Every Week

Epic Games vault
Let's talk about that Mega Sale event that kicked off today. It runs through June 16, 2022 (ending at 11:00am), and as Epic always does, it will be serving up a free game (or games) each week. However, during the sale event, these promise to be blockbuster titles from its Vault.

"What games? You’ll have to wait for the weekly reveal to find out, but we’ll give away four tentpole titles for free over the course of the Mega Sale," Epic teases.

Here's a protip: Set a weekly reminder on your smartphone or PC or wherever, and let the technology gods carry the burden of remembering these things.

There will also be "Mega Deals" updated every Thursday through the course of this event. These are described as first and third-party in-game promotional offers and items for specific games, a combination of games, or software.

This year's event sees over 1,600 games and add-ons on sale, with discounts going up to 90 percent off. There's also that limitless 25 percent off coupon we mentioned. Each Epic Games account automatically receives the coupon, which can be used on games that are already released, and applied to single purchases or purchases with multiple games. The only caveat is they have to be $14.99 or more (after any sale discounts).

Here are some games that are on sale right now, in no particular order...
The Far Cry 6 discount is the biggest one to date for that game, for the Ghostwire: Tokyo, this is the first time it's been on sale. Head over to the Mega Sale 2022 page to browse more deals.