First Major Patch To Baldur's Gate 3 Is 2.2 GB And Fixes Over 1,000 Bugs

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Nearly a month after the game's 1.0-version launch, Larian Studios has released the first actual patch for Baldur's Gate 3 today. While there have already been a few hotfixes to repair major holes in the game found by players after the title's exit from Early Access, this patch rolls up an incredible number of bug fixes, balance adjustments, mechanical changes, and solved scripting snafus into a 2.2-gigabyte download.

You can check out the full patch notes if you like, but you may want to reserve time in the day to do so. That's because it is some sixty pages long, by our reckoning. The patch notes cover just about every category of update you can make to a game, from crashes and progression stoppers, combat and balance changes, multiplayer fixes, action and condition bugs, game flow and scripting updates, and even writing changes and performance fixes.

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Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes can finally smooch the tall folk properly.

This patch doesn't make drastic changes to the game's performance, though; if you've gotten to Act 3 and found that your system is seriously struggling, you may want to wait for the next big patch. Larian says that the next update is "right around the corner" and that it will feature "significant performance improvements." That's welcome, considering that the title struggles at times and remains grievously CPU-limited even on systems with Zen 4 and Raptor Lake processors.

Along with the gigantic list of patch notes, Larian also presented some data on the decisions players have been making since launch. As expected, the most popular player character races are humans and elves, followed closely by half-elves. Dwarves, gnomes, githyanki, and halflings sit at the bottom of that list. For character classes, paladins and sorcerers dominate, while almost nobody is playing a cleric. That probably has something to do with the fact that one of the first party members you meet is a cleric themselves.

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Even Jason Schreier thinks Act 3 is unfinished.

Given some of the changes in the patch notes, we wouldn't blame anyone for starting over to appreciate the changes to the early parts of the game, but most of the patch notes are unsurprisingly about Act 3. The latter part of the game is pretty buggy, and feels a bit rushed or even unfinished. This is something of a tradition for Larian Studios, though, so we can hardly claim to be surprised.

Total game file size after the update is some 137 GB; if you've been playing, you probably have the download queued up already in Steam or Galaxy. Despite the size of this patch, Larian is still plugging away at improving the game, and the company specifically requests that players continue to provide feedback if they find a problem. You can do that by going to this page.