BFG 6800 Ultra OC, Shuttle ST62K, Plextor's PX-712A and Much More!

Good afternoon HotHardware fans!  The long, holiday weekend has ended (here in the U.S.) and it's time to get back to work!  We've got a few reviews on-tap for you, but for now it's time for some hardware news from around the web.  Here is what came in to the HH news feed over the last few hours...

 BFGTech GeForce 6800 Ultra OC Review @ HardOCP:

"When you throw in the lifetime warranty and 24/7 tech support you get with any BFG video card purchase the whole deal becomes very appealing. Also the warranty and support packages are very robustly supported right here in the good old US of A and have been found to take very good care of BFGTech customers."

 Plextor PX-712A DVD Burner @ Bjorn3D:

"Over the past few years, Plextor has become a name that is synonymous with high-quality and high-performance optical storage drives. Plextor seems to try to always be in the lead or at least tied for the lead in the CD and DVD burner speed races. Regardless of where the company stands in the performance races, Plextor always provides a rich set of features with its drives. With features like PoweRec, which optimizes laser power and writing speed based on the media in the drive, and buffer underrun proof technology, which helps prevent the drive from making the dreaded CD coaster, Plextor offers optical storage devices that provide a lot of worry-free operation."

 The Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 6.0 @ RojakPot:

"Covering over 180 desktop graphics cards, this comprehensive comparison allows you to easily compare 14 different specifications for each and every card! If you need to find out about the specification of any card, just come over and check out our Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide!"

 Short-Media AudioTrak Optoplay Review:

"The AudioTrak OPTOPlay rejuvenates the audio experience in a laptop or PC with 24-bit 96 kHz professional quality audio. OPTOPlay is a USB device to enhance a user's listening experience including Dolby Headphone Technology. It's small and easy to pack away in a laptop bag."

 Shuttle Zen ST62K XPC – Touching on new ground @ TweakTown:

"Shuttle launched their new line of "Zen" XPC small form factor cases a little while ago and we got the chance to check out their Zen ST62K XPC just recently. It features a new design with some interesting changes inside such as an external power supply unit which help reduces the size and weight. Are these features alone enough to make it a viable option? Read on and find out our thoughts."

 Corsair TWINX PC3200XL Pro Series DDR RAM @ Bytesector:

"The 3200XLPro is very similar to the 4000Pro having the same black sleek design and multicolored LED's on top to show memory activity. But, there are differences that have big impacts, for starters the name, this is the 3200XL Pro, XL for Extreme Low Latency, meaning lower timings. Lower timings allow users to achieve the performance of an overclocked system without actually overclocking and risking the instability of overclocking."

 OcPrices reviews iRiver IFP-190T MP3 player:

"We have just released a new review on one of the smallest and best received MP3 players on the market - the iRiver IFP-190T. With 256MB of flash memory, who does it compare to the other ultra-lights available?"

 Opus Technologies TT-501 Titanium Tiny Case Review @ CoolTechZone:

"Opus Technologies recently made a move to the North Amercian market, mainly the United States with their new line of desktop cases and cooling products. The Taiwan-based manufacturer has been successful in the Asian and European markets, but in order to be successful here, Opus Technologies will have to go above and beyond a lot of strong competition."

OK, no more news for this installment.  I've got to get proofing so we can post some content of our own!  See you all real soon!

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