Beyond Skype - Joost Video And Movies On-Demand

When eBay bought Skype a while back, I rushed out and picked up a few share of eBay because it just felt like a natural fit.  With Skype's ever-popular and amazing VOIP client technology taking off like a rocket, it just seemed like a total home-run for eBay to integrate that functionality into their goliath-sized online auction services, giving buyers and sellers an opportunity to speak directly regarding transactions and deals.  The stock made a nice run and I punched out quickly with a tidy gain on the smallish investment I made.  

Now, Niklas Zennstroem, co-founder of both Kazaa and Skype has his eyes on another prize. Bring it Nik, bring it my man...   

"I think everything will be an internet device," he says.  Televisions will "become more and more computerised and internet enabled," he predicts, adding that there is "not much difference between a Plasma television and a computer monitor".  Once that happens, television will no longer have to rely on "big bulky networks," he says with apologies to the BBC.

In Mr Zennstroem's vision, traditional broadcast distribution still has a long future, counted in decades.  But he offers Joost as a platform for the rapidly growing video on-demand market.  Joost's business model is based on advertising, with revenues shared between Joost and the content provider.  The platform will be open to both small and large content producers.

But for the first time, he says, "even a small film producer can become a broadcaster ".

I think my money will be on ol' Nikky boy again in the not so distant future.  He's obviously a man with a plan.  Read on about his vision, here.