Watch The Bethesda And Id Software QuakeCon Keynote And Catch Doom Eternal Here

QuakeCon is underway today and gamers are waiting in anticipating for the keynote with Bethesda and id Software where they were expected to deliver the first news on Doom Eternal. The presentation kicked off at noon central time and if you missed the livestream you can watch the VOD recording here. 

doom 4k xboxonex ps4pro

What we know about the keynote is that Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin from id Software were there to show off gameplay footage from Doom Eternal. That game is the sequel to the 2016 revamp of Doom. Doom most recently landed on the Nintendo Switch early this year, complete with actually useful motion controls. Our first hints at Doom Eternal, however, came during E3.

If Doom Eternal isn’t your cup of tea, that's not all the keynote session gets into. Updates on other cool Bethesda and id Software games like Fallout 76, Rage 2, Quake Champions, and The Elder Scrolls Online might float your boat.

QuakeCon runs from Thursday, August 9 through Sunday, August 12. The last Doom news we talked about was in March of this year when an update was released that added in support for 4K for the Xbox One X and PS4. If you want an alternate method of catching the keynote, it was also streamed to the Bethesda Twitch channel as well.