Doom On Nintendo Switch Updated With Useful Motion Controls

doom switch 3
One of the things most Doom fans liked when the original version launched way back in the day is that it would scare the crap out of you if you weren't careful (yes, those heavily pixelated demons were quite frightening). Doom was sneaky like that. The new rebooted Doom game on the Nintendo Switch (and other platforms) is good for a few frights as you play, but the sneakiest thing in the game has landed with the latest patch.

Doom version 1.1.1 for the Nintendo Switch downloaded recently for some gamers and with that patch comes new motion controls for the game. Bethesda didn’t say anything about the motion controls; it just let the new features sneak up on gamers. The controls screen shows that players can invert the motion controls and adjust sensitivity (among other things) from the controller menu.

So far, the response from players has been quite good according to reports. If you have played Splatoon before on the Nintendo Switch, then you will likely be familiar with the feel and performance of the controls (albeit in a first-person perspective versus third-person).

The first glimpse at Doom for the Switch came back in September of last year. Switch gamers got their hands on the rebooted franchise well after gamers on other consoles and the PC received the game.