Top VR Headsets To Power Your Escape To Virtual Worlds

VR — short for “Virtual Reality” — has been a topic and way of virtual engagement that has fascinated many for years. This is because VR allows a person to experience a three-dimensional world by tracking head motion, thus allowing users to enjoy a totally immersive and unique experience when watching a movie, playing a game, or otherwise engaging in a storyline.

Until recently, however, VR seemed to be more of a niche topic than anything else, full of products many were unaware of except those immersed specifically in VR culture. This all seems to be changing though; with companies offering a large variety of VR products this year, it is looking more and more like VR is finally going mainstream.

With that said, we have put together a list of some of the top VR headsets that are currently on the market, so you too can enter into and enjoy the benefits of the VR world.

HooToo VR Device $20

The HooToo VR Device is by far one of the best VR headsets on the market for its price point, allowing users to engage in and enjoy the virtual world without needing to spend a fortune. Furthermore, despite the low price point, the HooToo VR Device has some pretty appealing features all on its own. It offers users quality viewing experience and access to over 300 virtual reality apps which users can engage with and enjoy, in addition to being compatible with a variety of different smartphones (any that are within these measurements: 4.85”-6.25” width, 2.3"-3.8" length and 0.29”-0.37” depth).

hootoo vr
Not to mention it allows for adjustable focal and pupil settings and includes a comfortable, cushioned, sponge casing around the eyes for maximum comfort. This a great option for anyone looking to use a VR device that is comfortable, works well, and allows them to enjoy the VR world without much effort and hassle.

HTC Vive $799

The HTC Vive is a headset that takes the VR game to an entirely new level. It fact it's our current favorite full experience VR kit. Equipped with 360-degree head tracking, 70 different sensors and a front-facing camera, the HTC Vive allows users to blend the physical world with their chosen virtual world more seamlessly than ever before. This is because the HTC Vive retains the ability to register a room’s size and incorporate both this, as well as real physical objects, into the user’s virtual world to engage with, work around and truly enhance a user’s experience.

htc vive vr kit
Furthermore, this headset boasts a very high-tech and unique looking design, optimal comfort, and even allows users to see what is going on in front of them in the real world if necessary. Overall this is a great option for anyone who finds themselves really into VR, and though it has a higher price tag than many, is worth it based off of the incredible experience it offers.


The NOON VR is a VR headset that is the next step up for those who are still just entering the VR world. It features a design which is both sleek and modern looking and is compatible with a wide range of smartphones (any smartphone that is 4.7” or larger), all while maintaining a price point that is entirely affordable.

noon vr
Furthermore, this VR headset offers the free NOON VR app (compatible with both iOS and Android devices), which allows users to take their VR experience to the next level. With this VR headset, users will feel as if they are enjoying their own, personal IMAX theater from wherever they are. Overall, the NOON VR is a VR headset that both looks and feels high quality, for an unbeatable price.

True Depth 3D VR

The True Depth 3D VR headset is another affordable option for those looking to enter into the VR world, although it is slightly more connected and immersive than other VR headsets up to this point. This is because, apart from coming equipped with the standard features we have come to know and love in many VR headsets — such as compatibility with a wide range of phones, ease of use, and quality HD vision with adjustable lenses — the True Depth 3D VR headset also comes with a wireless gamepad and a set of wireless headphones, all of which have Bluetooth connectivity.

So what this means for users is not only will they be totally immersed visually in their virtual world, they will also be able to engage with and interact in a way that has been unavailable to them up to this point. This is really an exciting option for anyone looking to purchase a VR headset of their own, and offers enough features for anyone to enjoy — whether they are just entering the VR world or have been interested and engaged in it for some time.

Samsung Gear VR $100

The Samsung Gear VR is a VR headset that has been specifically designed to fit and work with Samsung’s Galaxy phones. With that said, this is really a great VR headset for anyone with a smartphone, as it not only offers users an incredible viewing experience, but also offers users access to over 1 million various short films and videos via the Vimeo app.

Samsung Gear VR
Furthermore, this VR headset comes with a touch pad, which allows users to easily control their devices while they are hooked up and engaged, without needing to physically take their phones out of the device to switch to different movies, games, options, etc. All of this, combined with the fact that the Samsung Gear VR also allows users to choose from multiple VR theater environments, (such as home theater, big screen theater, etc), makes this a great option for anyone with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone who wants to purchase a quality VR headset and experience the VR world in the highest quality.


The FOVE VR is a VR headset that offers comfort, a high-tech and sleek design, a wide field of view (100 degrees) and accurate head tracking. Additionally, it offers quality HD viewing, ease of use and only requires one’s smartphone to use. While all of this is great however, what makes the FOVE VR truly unique — and what makes it a part of our top VR headsets list — is the fact that in addition to the standard and desirable features we just mentioned, it also includes the revolutionary technology of eye tracking.

This means that the FOVE VR is able to tell where the user is looking, as opposed to requiring them to turn their entire head to see what is to the right or left of them, eliminating unnatural head movements and allowing users to engage with their virtual world in a way that has never been offered before! Accurate up to 1/5th of a degree, FOVE VR’s eye tracking technology even lets users engage with virtual characters, connecting via eye contact, in a way that is more personal and real than possible in any other VR situation. Overall, this is a great option for anyone who is looking to take their VR experience to the next level! It should be noted however, this product does work better with Android devices than iOS, with various Amazon users stating the full experience isn’t yet available for those using iPhones.

Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses $25

The Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses are a VR headset which allows users to enjoy a 360-degree virtual experience, whether they are watching a movie, playing a game or more. Additionally, this VR headset offers an adjustable head strap meaning it will fit any user comfortably and is compatible with a plethora of smartphones, [including: iOS and Android mobile phones (3.5 - 5.5 inches), a well as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Note 3, LG G3, and Sony Xperia Z3], meaning it will truly work for pretty much anybody.

tepoinn 3d vr
That’s not the best part of this device however. For a price that is considerably lower than the majority of the competition, the Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses are able to offer users a pupil distance range of 55mm-75mm, total ease of use, and easy compatibility with many VR apps (available via the Apple store or Google Play), which allows them to find and enjoy an excess of virtual reality movies and games! Truly a device that is worth its salt in the VR world, the Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses are a great option for anyone looking for a durable, affordable, and immersive VR headset.

Oculus Rift $599

The Oculus Rift is one of the most popular VR headsets on the market today. Originally started via Kickstarter and Facebook, the Oculus Rift raised over $2 billion and is considered by many to be the device that started this newest VR craze in the first place! With that said, the Oculus Rift offers users the ability to be plugged into their DVI and USB ports on their computers, an extremely low-persistence display, custom optics, a high refresh rate and a plethora of motion tracking sensors which are able to keep track of the user’s motion (sitting or standing), all of which leads to ease of use and outstanding visual quality.

oculus rift banner
In addition, this device includes a high quality audio system that has been designed specifically to give users an overwhelming sense of space and depth, in addition to an adjustable head strap to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone.

Clearly, Virtual Reality is here to stay. With a surplus of really incredible options on the market, there is truly something for everyone — whether they are just getting into the world of VR, or have been involved for a while and are looking for the next new and exciting thing. So don’t hesitate, decide on what option is best for you and then throw yourself into a world of excitement, emersion and joy, a world that is entirely your own, today!

This guest story was contributed by Nicole from Ideaing.