Best Buy To Offer Samsung Omnia 2 & More On August 23

Assuming a mole from Best Buy is correct, the retailer is going to be a busy place on August 23rd. The mole has provided Boy Genius Report with a screenshot that shows Best Buy’s plans to begin offering a number of anticipated feature phones that day.

Although it’s no iPhone, the Samsung Omnia 2 is definitely one of the hot upcoming phones that will soon be available on Verizon’s network according to the leaked screenshot. Other popular phones include the Samsung Rogue, LG Chocolate Touch, and Samsung u450 Intensity, all for Verizon. T-Mobile is said to be getting the Samsung Gravity 2, while AT&T users will be able to enjoy the Samsung Solstice and the LG Xenon.

Sprint users will have a chance to get their hands on the BlackBerry Tour again, since a new shipment should be in about the same time. There’s also an M330 from Samsung that’s headed to Sprint, though few details are available about this phone for now.

Check out the screenshot below for a better shot of the list along with location details:

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