Best Buy Promo Slices $100 Off Already Discounted Moto 360 If You Purchase $40 Android Smartphone

An already smoking hot deal just got even better (and will probably have people who bought a Motorola Moto 360 within the past three or four days bang their heads against the wall). On Friday, we brought you the news that both Amazon and Best Buy have slashed the price of the Moto 360 from $249.99 to an unbelievable $179.99. However, Best Buy is concurrently running another promotion that gives you $100 off a Motorola 360 if you purchase ANY Android smartphone.

What makes this deal even more remarkable is that this second promotion is even applicable to prepaid Android smartphones. So you can purchase a Moto 360 for $179.99 and toss in a prepaid T-Mobile ZTE Zinger for $39.99. When both items ring up at the register, the $100 instant discount is applied automatically, meaning you’ll pay $119.98 + tax.

$ 57

Use the ZTE Zinger or don’t use it. Or just sell it on eBay and make your out-of-pocket cost even lower. Who cares; just run, not walk, to your nearest Best Buy to take advantage of this deal while the $179.99 sales price and $100 off promo can still be combined.

It should be noted, however, that you don’t have to purchase a ZTE Zinger if you don’t want to – you can just as easily use the promo with a new Samsung Galaxy S6. We just gave the ZTE Zinger as an example as it’s the cheapest Android phone that Best Buy has for sale.

And also remember, this deal only works in-store.