Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Gameplay Trailer Turns Up The Heat

Battlefield V Firestorm
Maybe it came down to a licensing issue or perhaps publisher Electronic Arts never considered it, but I can't help but there there was a missed, golden opportunity to play Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire to the new gameplay trailer for Battlefield V's upcoming Firestorm battle royale mode. That's okay, though, because the trailer is pretty awesome in its own right.

For the most part, Firestorm sticks to the tried-and-true battle royale script, though instead of a semi-invisible barrier closing in on the action, there is a literal firestorm that encompasses the map. This ring of fire shrinks the playable area like any other battle royale, forcing players into tighter confines until a single soldier or team is left standing.

The first gameplay trailer shows some unique twists compared to other battle royale shooters, and interesting elements. For example, you can blow up an entire house or building, rather than try to pick off your enemy from afar with a sniper rifle (which you can also do).

Firestorm also features a range of vehicles. Tanks are a given (as is anti-tank artillery), but you will also be able to ride around in a tractor. It feels like a corny addition to a game that features prototype copters and heavy weaponry, but hey, shopping carts were well received in Fortnite, so maybe tractors will be a hit.

As revealed in previous leaks, 64 players will parachute onto the battlefield, with Firestorm supporting solo, duo, and squad-based gameplay. Players then have to hurry up and loot, but there will also be objectives and reinforcements to obtain more powerful gear. Some of the better items are locked in safes, and yes, even tanks will parachute from the sky.

Firestorm looks like it will deliver a good time. We'll find out for sure when it drops as a free update on Monday, March 25.