Battlefield 2 Performance, ASUS EN6800GT SLi, and more!

Tonight I pray for those of you without air conditioning... IT'S HOT! I've got mine cranked to the max, and yet it's still not enough :( Anyway, here's your dose of news, and remember kids, stay away from them violent games! And after you read the article, make sure to check out the other related articles on the right hand side, including the one titled "Computer games boost brains".

Battlefield 2 Performance: Athlon 64 3800+ and Sapphire Radeon X800XL 512mb @ AMD Zone

"This latest Battlefield also pushes things much further graphically than either Vietnam or Battlefield: 1942 and we have done testing use FRAPS to and new addition to the Battlefield series, the Battle Recorder. If the server allows it, this records the game and allows playback from any player in a third person camera mode or a roaming camera. Unfortunately this does not allow playback from the first-person perspective. Using a demo from our own Battlefield 2 server with 64 players we played back a file from the Gulf of Oman map using FRAPS to recreate results."

Extreme Cooling Technologies Mach II GT Review @ Club Overclocker | Image

"If you've been following our review on the Vapochill, then we're hoping you have some idea of what its like to cool your processor to well below ambient temperatures, where the realm of overclocking is no longer limited by cooling ability. There is nothing that will point out the weak points in your system quicker than buying a phase change unit, but nothing is as fun either. Extreme Cooling Technologies represents a new company, and they picked up the Mach II GT and renovated it with a few new tricks to give the Vapochill a real run for its money"

Aspire X-Cruiser ATX Case @ PimpRig

"This case just looks fantastic. The front bezel layout with the throwback analog guages is simply stunning. The only disappointment I had was with the paint; it's just not as pimpin' as the Aspire pics (and some of my own) would lead you to believe. That's kind of strange; usually a paint job looks worse when photographed, not better."

Exclusive: ASUS EN6800GT Dual (6800GT SLi) @ Hardware Zone

"The new EN6800GT Dual is ASUS' answer to Gigabyte's 3D1. Based on the NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT GPU, this beast is currently the fastest dual GPU card there is. Click here to find out just how fast this baby could run."