ATI Xenos, ProMagix DCX, Gigabyte GA-8I955X Royal & More

Good afternoon all! The news has been flowing in at a steady clip today, so we've got a decent amount of the good stuff to get posted. Our colleagues over at Beyond3D have an interesting article posted outlining ATI's Xenos GPU, which will be found in the XBox 360 and the [H] has posted their first full-system review. Here are some links and quotes for you all...

 ATI Xenos: XBOX 360 Graphics Demystified @ Beyond3D:

"As each of the three shader ALU arrays is a separate array there is no dependency between one another so what programs are being executed on them at any one point in time is completely independent - at a snapshot in time they could, potentially, all be vertex processing, all be pixel processing or there can be a mixture of both vertex processing and pixel processing occurring on the three different 16 ALU arrays."

 VIA Technology Forum 2005 Coverage @ PCPer:

"First, he mentioned twice a dual core processor running at 2.0 GHz, which there currently isn't mentioned anywhere from AMD.  This probably means that AMD is going to do what it did with the first S939 processor releases, and just silently launch some slower speed and lower cache parts to the market.  My guess is that a 2.0 GHz dual core processor with either 1 MB or 512 KB of L2 cache each core is going to be called a 4000+.  Keep an eye out for this, as this may be the golden item we are all asking from AMD: lower priced dual core processors."

 Titan Bianca CPU Water Cooler @ BigBruin:

"To make water cooling a little more bearable Titan has simplified things by combining the radiator, fan, reservoir, and pump into one assembly. Unlike many other water cooling systems this unit is designed to sit atop your computer tower. This feature allows you to keep the inside of your case clean while allowing you to operate a variable speed fan controller and refill the cooling reservoir if necessary."

 Velocity Micro ProMagix DCX Evaluation @ [H]ard|OCP:

"What can I say? Four logical processors at 4Ghz, plenty of RAM, a powerful 3D card, and a dual layer DVD burner make for one powerful and versatile machine when it comes to digital content creation, 3D modeling, or other activities outside of gaming. As we saw with the ZooRender benchmark, this 'home gaming' machine plays in the arena of its big brothers in the Xeon/Opteron arena. The ProMagix DCX made short work of video editing, and Velocity Micro's choice to include a 250GB SATA drive in addition to the RAID 0 system array will keep Adobe happy with the ability to configure a scratch drive."

 X-Arcade Two-Player Joystick Review @ Bjorn3D:

"The popularity of retro or classic gaming never seems to diminish. In fact, it seems to only get stronger as the gamer population gets older. With that increasing popularity, comes the desire to play old school games in a way that is as old school as possible. Playing Galaga or Pac-Man with a gamepad just doesn't feel right, not even close. That's why a company like XGAMING came along and created high quality arcade-style joysticks to satisfy that desire."

 Computex 2005 @ TR:

"All of the big names in motherboards and graphics cards are present, as are the smaller ones--not to mention the obscure and the start-ups. Also visible everywhere is the presence of these companies' chip suppliers, including larger North American semiconductor firms like Intel, AMD, ATI, and NVIDIA. A line of Asian women dressed up as ATI's Ruby snakes between the convention center halls on motorcycles, while a competing pack of NVIDIA-themed pixies hands out leaflets beckoning showgoers to a partner's booth. It's unintentional comedy gold, and it's also the best place on earth to see the latest in computer hardware."

OK, brothers and sisters. I'm out of here for now.  Time to get some proof-reading done so we can get some new content posted. Check back a little later for the goods...

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