ATI to Release "FireStream"

Rys from Beyond3D has been experimenting with ATI's Linux drivers, and based on some findings in the X Server log, he believes ATI may be readying a new line of products -- dubbed "FireStream" -- based on the R580 GPU. The real news is not a new product based on the R580 could be in the works, but that he speculates that it could be for general purpose (GP) GPU computing acceleration.  Way back in October, we were briefed at an ATI event on GPGPU projects that were in the works, and Stanford University has a Folding@Home client on the way for ATI GPUs (see here) as well. This is still speculation at the moment, but Rys' comments and findings are rather convincing.

"Using R580 and with unique device IDs of 724E and 724F, at least as far as the Linux driver is concerned and confirmed on ATI's vendor ID page, these FireStream products appear to be distinct boards with R580, but with a different purpose than 3D graphics acceleration."