ATi Interview, DFI LanPary PRO875B, MSI MoBo and 1 GB of GeIL PC4400

Welcome back friends :)  As my fellow HH brother mentioned a few hours ago, the news is just pouring in today.  So, without further delay here is yet another shot of juice...

ATI's Trilinear Filtering Chatlog @ Bjorn3D

"As promised, ATI held a chat today with regards to Trilinear Filtering allegations. It was recently discovered that ATI has implemented a technique (something similar to NVIDIA's trilinear optimizations) that optimizes mipmap levels based on the next stage -- then applies proper filtering."

DFI LanParty PRO875B Reviewed @

"DFI's LanParty motherboards have become well known through out the enthusiast's community and the value packed accessories that are included in each motherboard hasn't hurt their cause either. Today we are taking a look at the LanParty PRO875B, which we found after our testing to be just about as much motherboard as anyone person could possibly ask for."

MSI K8N Neo-FIS2R Platinum NF3-250Gb Motherboard Review @ PC Stats

"Now, almost a year after 64-bit AMD Athlon64 processor was introduced, we're getting a taste of nVIDIA's new nForce3-250Gb chipset. It comes care of the very well equipped MSI K8N Neo Platinum motherboard which is based on this latest nVidia chipset. In terms of goodies, the K8N Neo-FIS2R Platinum boasts onboard native Serial ATA/RAID, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 1394, an onboard 7.1 audio controller and of course, MSI's well known "CoreCell technology." We'll dive deeper into the technology behind the NF3-250Gb a bit later in the article."

GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4400 1GB Dual Channel Kit (DDR550) @ Hardware Zone

"GeIL's Ultra Platinum DDR550 Dual Channel DDR Kit comes complete with GeIL's CPU thermal paste compound and RAM modules with neat looking heat spreaders that even indicates operating temperature. Find out how it compares with the recently reviewed Corsair pair."

That is all for the moment friends.  I will catch you later :) - Cheers

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