ATI Catalyst v6.7 for Windows & Linux Available

ATI has just made their Catalyst v6.7 drivers available for download.  Highlights of the Windows Catalyst 6.7 release include:

Enhanced Crossfire Support:

This release of Catalyst introduces Enhanced CrossFire Support. The enhanced support allows for CrossFire Alternate Frame Rendering mode for Direct3D applications to be forced on by setting the Catalyst AI slider to the Advanced position. Users are encouraged to enable this setting if they are not seeing significant performance gains in applications when Crossfire is enabled. This enhancement is available for all Direct3D applications except for Direct3D applications known not to work with Alternate Frame Rendering.

Highlights of the Linux Catalyst 6.7 (8.27.10) release include: 7.1 support

  • This release of the ATI Proprietary Linux driver introduces support for 7.1 X Server via the ATI Driver Installer as well as via packages for supported distributions that utilize 7.1.

Fedora Core Package Support

  • This release of the ATI Proprietary Linux driver adds Fedora Core package support on top of the growing list of per distribution generate-able packages. Fedora Core users are encouraged to use this mechanism to install the ATI Linux Proprietary Driver.

For more information on Catalyst 6.7 (for Windows and Linux versions), including all of the resolved issues in this release, please see the Catalyst 6.7 release notes found in driver download section.

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