Asustek enters LCD TV market

DigiTimes is reporting that Asustek has jumped into the LCD TV ring with a release of their 32-inch TLW32001.  Currently, Asustek is focusing on the Taiwan market to start ,with future markets undecided at this point.  Obviously they don't want to stretch themselves thin right away, but if they have success in this area, it's a safe assumption that there is a good chance the product will become more widely available.

"Targeting the high-end of the LCD TV market, Asustek will initially only sell its LCD TVs in the Taiwan market, with the company stating it has not yet decided when it will expand its sales to other regions. The company aims to ship 800 units a month, said Benson Lin, general manager of Asustek's Asia-Pacific sales and marketing division. Using a Sharp TFT LCD TV panel, the TLW32001 features a resolution of 1366×768, a brightness of 500cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 1200:1. The TV also has a 6ms response time and a viewing angle of 170 degrees, as well as including an HDMI (High Definition Media Interface), according to the company's press release."


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