ASUS To Release PCI-Express Sound Card

Many companies and haven risen to challenge the almighty sound-card maker that we all know as Creative Labs. Sadly, not too many of them have success that lasts more than a generation or so. So who is next and how long will they last? Well the who is ASUS. How long, might be up to debate, but ASUS is a company that has plenty of other business to fall back on while they get their sound card business on its feet.

"It seems that ASUS has decided to enter into the audio segment with their latest Xonar D2 and D2K sound cards. The difference between Xonar D2 and D2K is the interface where D2 is on PCI and D2K is on PCI Express x1. We aren't sure what sound chips are on those cards at this point of time but it has the capability to playback and record at 116dB SNR."

Perhaps the most exciting bit about this is that Creative Labs fans have been begging for a PCI-Express sound card for a while now. This may give ASUS a chance to win some customers on that alone, or it may turn out that Creative will announce a PCI-E sound card before too many people decide to jump ship.