ASUS May Build An ROG Gaming NUC With Meteor Lake And RTX 40 Graphics Inside

ASUS ROG logo hero
That was quick. ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) already has some tantalizing plans for Next Unit of Computing (NUC) style PCs, a form factor which it only became the custodian of earlier this week.

A highly reputable source asserts that ASUS is brewing up the most powerful NUC gaming PC ever. The key ingredients of the upcoming next-gen ROG NUC will be the difficult to resist charms of an Intel Meteor Lake CPU, paired with an NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU, which is expected to be the powerful but efficient sweet-spot GeForce RTX 4070.

Of course, NUC devices are appealingly compact, and that has always been central to their appeal. Thus, ASUS is going to leverage a hybrid cooling solution in its upcoming ROG NUC - thermal throttling needs to be avoided at all costs in a quality gaming system.

The final morsel that tech site Bits & Chips has to share about the purported Meteor Lake ASUS ROG NUC is that the design will be liberally seasoned with RGB lighting, enhancing its "futuristic design."

A lot of questions arise from reading the source report. Firstly, we are still struggling to know whether Meteor Lake will come to desktops. That raises the possibility that the titular ROG NUC might use a mobile processor. The other thing we have to say is that ASUS shouldn't really go too far with its first NUC's aesthetics, even if it is an Extreme model - wouldn't that seem disrespectful?

ASUS ROG 10L gaming PC launch

With some curious timing, ASUS officially teased a new compact gaming desktop on social media today. This is not a NUC; it doesn't look like a NUC and ASUS doesn't mention the acronym anywhere associated with it.

ASUS's new ROGG22CH compact tool-less 10-liter gaming desktop will still be appealing for those on the lookout for a compact gaming PC. The only tech specs we have for now are that this design combines an Intel Core i9-13900KF and GeForce RTX 40 series GPU.

ASUS ROG Tweet 10L compact gaming PC

A volume of 10 liters is almost within NUC Extreme territory, though. For example, the NUC 9 Extreme was five liters the NUC 12 Extreme was eight liters, and the NUC 13 Extreme a bloated 14 liters. However, the more familiar '4x4' NUCs without discrete graphics were usually much smaller, like between 0.5 and 0.7 liters (taller NUCs which fit 2.5-inch drives were taller).

It is somewhat exciting to have new blood steering the future of NUC designs. From the above leaks and teases, the NUC is in good hands.
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