Asus Now Offers Intel Turbo Memory on Notebooks

Asustek Computer Inc. has recently included the Intel Turbo Memory offering to its line of Santa Rosa mobile platform-based notebooks. The Turbo-Memory-fitted notebooks will be available by late August of this year.
“The new laptop configurations with Intel Turbo Memory, formerly codenamed ‘Robson’, are the 14-inch F8SV-A1 and V2S-A1, the 15.4-inch F3SC-A2, F3SV-A2/B2, G1S-A2, V1S-A1, VX2S-A1B/A2B (Black) Lamborghini, and VX2S-A1Y/A2Y (Yellow) Lamborghini, as well as 17-inch A7S-A2 and G2S-A2/A3.”
As for the memory itself, it seems that the opinion is divided. While Asus claims that the Turbo Memory solution can reduce “boot time, improve application responsiveness, and accelerate application loading to Asus notebooks”, other PC makers that do not offer Intel’s Turbo Memory, such as HP and Sony, say that “Robson” doesn’t present any benefits to users at the moment.