ArmorSurf Launches First Privacy-focused Browser

There's been talk recently over private browsing features in upcoming browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.1 (Safari already has this feature).  Privacy, of course, is an important subject for many end users (despite the somewhat pejorative term "porn mode" frequently used for it).  Well, a new browser has been recently released that --- rather than making this feature an afterthought, focuses directly on privacy as the base of its capabilities.

Level 9 Technology, Inc. has launched the ArmorSurf Private Browser - a free web browser & downloader that lets users surf in complete privacy while keeping their files secure. In addition to privacy features, the software comes with advanced download and multimedia features, giving users the ability to download streaming Flash videos, burn video DVDs, and export movies to an iPod.

ArmorSurf automatically encrypts and secures browsing history, cookies, cache, auto-complete history, favorite websites, and other personal data.  The program also includes an encrypted file manager that stores all imported and downloaded files.  When the IP Masking feature is enabled, the user’s surfing activities become completely anonymous and untraceable.  

ArmorSurf can be installed secretly and a password is required to gain access to the program. Panic keys immediately close the program and a clever ‘forced confession’ feature allows users to set up an alternate password that performs a different action instead of launching ArmorSurf.

ArmorSurf comes equipped with numerous download and multimedia features. The built-in download manager can save any file types, including streaming Flash videos like YouTube, CNN, and   ArmorSurf’s media player burns video DVDs, exports videos to mobile devices, and lets users set video bookmarks for their favorite movie scenes.

Users can even install and run ArmorSurf directly from a USB key or an external hard drive, eliminating any traces whatsoever.

Summarizing, here are the highlights of the software:

  • A private web browser
  • IP masking feature [optional]
  • Secure media library and playlist manager
  • Flash downloader (downloads streaming videos from most sites)
  • Video DVD burner (works with all file types, including flash)
  • Built-in media player
  • Ability to install and run directly from a portable hard drive or USB key
Check out a few screenshots below, showing some of these features.  Take a look; you don't have to wait for FF 3.1 or IE8 ...

ArmorSurf Media Player

ArmorSurf DVD Burner

ArmorSurf is a stand-alone browser that allows you to surf the Internet securely and privately. In other words, your corporate overlords won't be able to tell what you're doing. You can also use it to download Flash videos from sites like CNN, YouTube and Break.  Have fun...

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