Are New MacBook Pros About to Emerge?

Put this in the rumor category. Unconfirmed reports show 3 new MacBook Pros showing up in Best Buy's inventory.

Last week, we'd heard an unconfirmed report that three new MacBook Pro models had appeared in Best Buy's inventory tracking system. Some inventory screenshots (1, 2) we received today appear to confirm this earlier report, showing off the upcoming $1999 price point MacBook Pro (name cut off in image).

Information found in early inventory tracking systems, however, is difficult to rely on, as many of the details may be "best guess" placeholders only. For what its worth, these new SKUs come with the exact same price points as current MacBook Pros ($1999, $2499, $2799) and show an in-stock date of February 10th, 2008.

This date adds to a laundry list of other possible dates (Feb 5th, Feb 12th, Mar 17th) that have been trickling in on our Page 2. Unfortunately, this new date is likely an estimate, but does reflect expectations of an imminent MacBook Pro release. 

Based on what happened to ThinkSecret, we've always been surprised at MacRumors' accuracy and the lack of attention paid to it by Apple (ahem).  Does this mean we'll see new MacBooks?  No, but I wouldn't put it past them to be right.