American Airlines Serves Up Free Wi-Fi Streaming For Apple Music Subscribers

Airplane flights can be a bit of a drag. The aisles are cramped, the food tastes strange, and the Wi-Fi and entertainment offerings are often unreliable. Apple is trying to curb flight boredom with their latest offering. Apple Music subscribers will soon be able to access their music on any domestic American Airlines flight with Viasat satellite Wi-Fi.

Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music, remarked, “Subscribers can stream all their favorite songs and artists in the air, and continue to listen to their personal library offline, giving them everything they need to truly sit back, relax and enjoy their flight.”

apple music american airlines

Apple Music subscribers will simply need to connect to the Viasat Wi-Fi and log-in with their Apple Music subscription. The Wi-Fi music streaming is free, and those who do not have an Apple Music subscription can sign-up for three free months on the flight.

There will also be unique content available on these flights. Apple Music subscribers will be able to watch exclusive artist interviews, listen to the Beats 1 global livestream, and browse city-themed playlists. Apple Music will be available on flights with Viasat satellite Wi-Fi starting Friday, February 1st.

This collaboration is part of Apple’s recent efforts to increase their reach and subscribers. This past December, Amazon added Apple Music support to Echo smart speakers. Subscribers are now able to ask Alexa to navigate playlists, play specific tracks, etc. Apple products like iPads and iPhones are now available for sale directly from Amazon as well. These collaborations helped to end the long-standing feud that existed between Apple and Amazon. 

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Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited Plans now also included free access to Apple Music. Go Unlimited customers must still pay $9.99 per month (or $4.99 for students). This perk allows Verizon to compete with T-Mobile and Sprint packages. 

All of these partnerships help Apple Music to take on competitors like Spotify. Although both streaming services saw an increase in subscribers this past year, Spotify still boasts roughly 30 million more subscribers. It appears that Apple is hoping that convenience and omnipresence will help them to edge out their competitors.