A 20-Inch Apple MacBook With A Foldable Display Is Reportedly Inbound, Here's When

hero MacBook Air 15 Inch Feature Teal
It looks like Apple is finally ready to jump into the foldables arena, but not in the way most of us might think. Apple's first foldable reportedly will neither be a phone or a tablet, but a MacBook and it's coming in 2027. It seems like Cupertino is making sure it gets it right this time.

An X post by prominent Chinese tech analyst, Kuo Ming-Chi, laid out his belief that among the entire Apple portfolio, a MacBook with a foldable display is the only foldable project that's firmly on Apple's roadmap. Kuo states that, "Apple's only foldable product with a clear development schedule is the 20.3-inch MacBook, expected to enter mass production in 2027". 


Kuo's report is made all the more credible as other sources have also reported of a similar device in development since 2022. Kuo didn't have technical details or renders on the MacBook, but based on the previous rumors, the foldable OLED display, in expanded position, will be in the 20-inch range and when closed, will be closer to a 15.3-inch device.

What the device looks like obviously is still under lock and key, but it's possible that the folding display portion of the MacBook could serve as extra (i.e. taller) real estate when opened and as a notification panel on the lid when closed, or it could even serve as a digital keyboard or perhaps Apple's sophomore attempt at the promising, but underused Touch Bar.

It's even possible that this MacBook might ultimately not be called a MacBook at all. With the foldable screen form factor, the device might walk the edge of being a laptop and tablet, and who knows, Apple may brand this device as a high-end iPad.

As for whether the mass-produced MacBook will begin a concurrent avalanche of foldable iPhones and iPads (which we think Apple users are pining for), it's anyone's guess. Foldable phone tech is still risky business at this point, so it's like that Cupertino is playing it safe with a laptop, while taking notes as other brands (like Google and Samsung) do the heavy lifting in the meantime.

Photo credits: Apple Inc.