Some Apple Vision Pro Headsets Are Cracking Up And Owners Aren't Laughing

apple vision pro
Apple's Vision Pro headset is what some may consider a polarizing product. There has been a slew of chatter concerning users returning these pricey headsets for a myriad of reasons. Some users found the device too heavy, with comfort being an issue. Other users did not think the device is quite ready for prime-time with its hefty $3,499 MSRP. However, there may be a new reason for some hesitation if some posts from Reddit are any indication.

User Dornbirn found an alarming crack down the middle of their freshly-launched Apple Vision Pro. They state that it was never dropped, and it did not undergo any stress while in the case itself, which raises concern about the headset's durability.

It is no doubt that Apple has gone through great pains to design a next-generation production that truly looks futuristic. With unique and exotic methods of construction, there are bound to be some issues that occur as the device is more heavily used in the wild. That said, we would think (or at least hope) that Apple would have rooted out potential cracking issues before launching the Vision Pro to the world.

Apple Care is a costly $499 option for the Vision Pro, with various one-time charges tacked on if damage occurs. Luckily for this user, they did indeed purchase Apple Care, a seemingly good decision considering the price and potential fragility of the device. 

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As an owner of the Apple Vision Pro myself, this news is more incentive to keep it as protected as possible. The device does come with a soft cover for the glass area for when not in use. This can potentially be an issue, however. While the device should enter sleep mode when off, I found instances where that was not the case. The device would stay on, continuously pumping out heat from the top vents. Unbeknownst to a user who puts on the front soft cover, it could potentially cause some heat build up until the battery eventually runs out. 

Heat is always the enemy of components, and it can also wreak havoc on glass and other similar material. According to another Reddit user, ContributionFar8997, their Apple Vision Pro also experienced a crack. The user theorizes that they may have left their front cover on while charging, therefore causing issues with excess heat build up. 

While the device is well-built, issues like this are not surprising due to the novel nature of the Vision Pro itself. It seems like Apple Care is essential for such a device, especially considering its portable nature. While my own Vision Pro has been flawless in terms of its performance and build-quality, these use cases of cracked screens do raise some concern. This may just be individual cases of bad luck, however, or perhaps even a heat-issue with charging while under protective cover.