Apple iPhone 15: Thinner Bezels, USB-C And Everything We Know So Far

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With the official announcement from Apple about the new iPhone 15 lineup just around the corner, there are plenty of leaks and rumors to whet the appetite of those awaiting the new generation of iPhone. From thinner bezels to USB-C, fans of the iPhone have a few things to look forward to.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 15 lineup of smartphones this September, and as usual, leaks and rumors are already saturating news feeds. With some Apple fans becoming bored with the latest renditions of the iPhone, the company is expected to provide some new features to reignite the fire within its fanbase.

Perhaps the most notable and desired update is expected to come with the exit of Apple's long held proprietary Lightning port for charging and data transfer. It will be replaced with the universal USB-C port, making the days of having to keep up with different types of charging cables a thing of the past for many. The change comes in response to the European Union passing regulations that require all manufacturers to transition to USB-C by 2026. Apple has already made the switch to USB-C on its latest iPad Pro.

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In other news making its rounds through the rumor mill, the Cupertino-based company is also expected to bring thinner bezels to its flagship devices. It is still uncertain if the base iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will receive thinner bezels, but the Pro models are said to be coming with bezels as thin as 1.5mm. If this comes to fruition, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max would have the thinnest bezels ever on an iPhone, according to Phone Arena.

While some may have taken akin to the rectangular look and feel of the phone since the iPhone 12, rumors are suggesting Apple is looking to bring a more curved appeal to the iPhone 15 models. The curvature would be applied to the side frame, making the curve inward as it goes to the back of the phone (think of the letter "J"). Insiders say this is being done in order to make the phone more comfortable for holding while scrolling.

When the iPhone 14 launched last year, those who chose to go with one of the Pro models were given access to a new feature called Dynamic Island. This feature incorporates the notch at the top of the screen to deliver notifications to the user. Well, it seems Dynamic Island will be made available on all iPhone 15 models, giving even the base models the nifty feature.

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Colors offered with the iPhone 14 family of smartphones.

Anyone that has ever used an iPhone has probably at some point and time accidentally switched the mute switch on, leaving them trying to figure out why their smartphone is not ringing or audibly delivering notifications. Fear no more, as the mute switch is expected to be replaced with an action button, at least on the Pro models. The new Action Button is rumored to work in a similar manner as the one on the Apple Watch Ultra. The Action Button will enable users to customize it to perform a variety of different functions. For now, it is believed the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will keep the mute switch.

A couple of other rumors to note are new colors across the lineup and a larger camera bump on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The colors expected to be offered for the iPhone 15 line of smartphones are Midnight, Starlight, Product RED, a shade of pink, and a shade of blue.

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