Hey Android Users, Want iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island? There’s An App For That

apple dynamic island
If the Dynamic Island feature of the new iPhone 14 impressed you as an Android user, an app on Google's Play Store may be what you are looking for. The dynamicSpot app aims to give Android owners the island experience.

Apple recently launched its latest iPhone 14 family of smartphones during its Far Out event. One of the instant hits seems to be the Dynamic Island feature that incorporates the infamous notch at the top of the screen to deliver notifications to the user. It didn't take long for someone to develop an app on the Google Play Store for any Android owners who may be craving a bit of the island life for themselves.

dynamicSpot app

The dynamicSpot app gives you the feel of Apple's Dynamic Island on your Android smartphone. Once you have installed the app, you can then choose which apps you want dynamicSpot to work with. There is also an option to simply select ALL by tapping the upper right corner of the screen. While the developers of the app state they do not collect any user data or share any personal information with third parties, you will still have to give the app permission to access your notifications as well as everything that appears on your screen.

You can opt to allow two notifications to be shown at the same time, along with some of the multitasking features that are also included with Apple's version. You can tap on the little black spot in order to open the display app, or long press on the popup to expand it and view more details. You can also change interaction settings, such as when to show notifications or where they appear on your phone's screen.

While the app is free to use, there is a Pro version which costs $4.99 that will give a few additional features. Those include a reminder when your battery is charging, an alert when your battery drops to 15% or lower, and when your phone's battery is fully charged. The Pro option also allows you see the dynamicSpot app on the lock screen of your favorite Android smartphone.