Apple HomePod Deals Fuel Rumors Of Smaller And Cheaper Successor On The Horizon

apple homepod

Typically, when Apple has a new version of a product coming, the old version gets marked down to clear out stock. Currently, one of the lowest prices we've seen for the current-generation Apple HomePod smart speaker is available. The discount is currently knocking $100 off the regular price (which was already discounted from its launch price).

The $100 discount mentioned comes from Best Buy, and the price cut puts the speaker at $199.99. The $199 price is significantly lower than the $349 price point the speaker launched at in 2018. In April 2019, Apple dropped the price to $299.

With the significant discount offered combined with previous rumors of a smaller and less expensive Apple HomePod in the works, speculation suggests that a new Apple device is coming soon. Rumors indicate that the smaller HomePod will have only two tweeters, rather than seven the current version offers.

Further proof that the current HomePod is being cleared out comes from a tweet from Mark Gurman, which can be seen below. In that Tweet, Gurman noted that Apple employees are now able to buy up to 10 HomePod speakers using their employee discount. 

homepod tweet

The biggest challenge Apple faces in the smart speaker market is that its smart speaker is considerably more expensive than the competition. Both the Amazon Echo, which is the leader in the segment, and Google Home, sell for significantly less money. There is no indication in the rumor of what Apple's new device might sell for. The current $199 sale price isn't the first time the HomePod has hit that low price threshold. In early March, Best Buy was offering the same sale price, but the discount didn't last long.