Dragons Are Released Upon The World Of Apex Legends, But How Do You Kill A Flyer?

Apex Legends is an always-evolving game that continually has new content in the works to keep players happy. New content for Season 02 will land next month and will bring a new Legend called Wattson. About a month ago, a new update was teased that was going to bring with it new performance enhancements. Now something new has popped up in the game that has players excited: dragons.

Apex Legends Dragons

A video has turned up on Reddit that shows players jumping into the game to find a dragon, dubbed "flyers," circling overhead. Naturally, the player immediately runs to find a weapon and starts to shoot the dragon as it flies. We see the numbers popping up as the dragon takes damage. Eventually, the dragon drops some loot, but in the video, we never see the dragon die.

Finding and killing a Flyer from r/apexlegends

There are some comments on Reddit threads about the dragons appearing that suggest that other players have killed the dragons and that the death animation is cool. As for the names on the deathboxes, they are player names from your friends list who have played Apex Legends according to reports. Some Reddit posters claim that you can grapple the dragons, but you can't ride them.

Another interesting bit that is picked up in the video is how much closer the Leviathan is to the airbase than normal. The proximity of the massive creature to the airbase along with the appearance of dragons has some wondering if the Leviathan might eventually attack. The trailer for Season 02 showed a giant lizard-like eyeball at the end leaving some to wonder if that eye might belong to a Levithan. Apex Legends isn't exactly trying to match the pace of Fortnite when it comes to new content, but what the developers are putting forth is quite interesting to say the least.

Have you slayed a Flyer? Sound off in the comments to let us know how you did it and what you experienced of the beast's demise.